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Student Speaker Competition

The purpose of the student speaker competition is to select a student to address the graduating class at commencement. Speakers must be members of the graduating class they plan to address.

As commencement is both an ending and a beginning, it is an opportunity for the graduates to reflect on what has been, while anticipating new, perhaps unknown, challenges. Students may choose their own speech topic; however, the most well received speeches are those that reflect on the common educational experience and share, in a personal way, the value of the education received at UNLV. The time allotted for the student commencement speech is 3 minutes.

Selection Process:

1. Using the link below, submit your proposed speech and a short summary of the public speaking experiences you have had, including presentations. Include a brief discussion of why this particular opportunity interests you.

2. The proposed speech must be an original work. The selection process may include an interview with the selection committee, at which time the proposed speech will be presented and discussed.

3. The deadline for submission is 5:30 p.m., Monday,3 November 2014. Selected student speakers will receive guidance on preparing and delivering their speeches. For more information, students may contact Dr. Kurt Stahura at kurt.stahura@unlv.edu.sg

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