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AY 2013/2014 Tuition & Fees

Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents

Tuition and fees are set by the Singapore Ministry of Education and collected on a per semester basis by the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT). For information, visit www.singaporetech.edu.sg.

International Students

While enrolled in Singapore:--
UNLV Singapore tuition and fees are charged on a per credit basis, currently SGD$615 per credit (inclusive of Singapore GST). While in Singapore, international students are co-enrolled at the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), a Singapore government institution, which provides billing, collection and certain student services for UNLV Singapore. Co-enrolled international students are subject also to SIT Miscellaneous Fees. For more information, visit www.singaporetech.edu.sg/tuition-fees/.

After relocation to Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.--
UNLV tuition and fees are established periodically by the Board of Regents of the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE). For a list of current tuition and fees, visit http://cashiering.unlv.edu/fall_fees.html. To estimate cost of attendance for an academic year (Fall and Spring Semesters), visit www.unlv.edu/finaid/checklist/before-basic-college-costs.

Study Abroad and Non-Degree Seeking Students

Study Abroad and Non-Degree Seeking students are subject to this schedule and these policies:

2013-2014 Undergraduate Tuition:

SGD$615 per credit (Inclusive of Singapore GST)

Audit Fee:

The fee for audit is the same as the fee for registering for credit.

Special Fees and Charges:

  1. An application fee of SGD$75 is charged to apply for admission to the university. Application fees are not refundable or applicable to any other fee.
  2. Special charges shall be made for the rental of commencement regalia, however participation in the ceremony is optional.
  3. A late payment fee of SGD$35 per day to a maximum of SGD$350 is assessed to students who do not complete payment before the designated due date.
  4. A late registration fee of SGD$15 per day to a maximum of SGD$75 is assessed to students who register on or after the start of a regular semester term. Summer and winter session students are assessed a late registration fee of SGD$35 per day until the end of the late registration period for the session.
  5. Returned checks: Personal checks are accepted for payment of fees owed to the university. A collection fee of SGD$50 is assessed for any check returned unpaid by the bank. The check must be made good within 10 days or it may be turned over to the appropriate authorities and the student will be liable for all collection and related costs. The university reserves the right to place the student on a cash only basis, and financial withdrawal procedures may be initiated at the option of the university. A stop payment order placed on a check does not constitute withdrawal from courses. Withdrawal must be made through official channels.
  6. A mandatory graduation fee of USD$75 is due when the application for graduation is filed online at MyUNLV.
  7. Late applications for graduation are subject to USD$20 at MyUNLV.

Refund of Fees:

Students who withdraw from the university receive a refund of fees according to the schedule below, which is subject to change. All requests for exception to the refund policy for extraordinary circumstances must be made to the Assistant Dean for Singapore Academic and Student Affairs.

  1. For all UNLV students, including auditors, for net credit load reductions and withdrawals from the university, the refund policy for regular semester terms is as follows:
  2. A. WITHIN THE FIRST WEEK OF INSTRUCTION: 100 percent refund of all tuition and fees.


    1. 50 percent refund for total withdrawal from the university until the end of the sixth week. No refund for total withdrawals after the end of the sixth week.
    2. No refund for other withdrawals.
  3. For all UNLV students, including auditors, for net credit load reductions and withdrawals from the university during the summer and winter sessions, the refund policy is as follows:
  4. A. 100 percent refund of all tuition and fees for courses dropped prior to the first day of instruction.

    B. 50 percent refund for courses dropped within the first 20 percent of the course sessions, as defined by the university.

    C. No refund for other withdrawals.

  5. Upon written approval of the Associate Dean for Singapore, a full or partial refund of tuition and fees (by EFT or check) may be given upon official withdrawal at any time during a term or semester in the following circumstances:
  6. A. Involuntary deployment of a student in the armed forces of the United States or Singapore.

    B. Death or incapacitation resulting from an illness or injury of the student, spouse, child, parent, or legal guardian of the student that prevents the student from returning to school for the remainder of the semester;

    C. Verifiable error on the part of the institution.

    D. Involuntary job transfer outside the service area of the institution as documented by employer; or

    E. Other exceptional circumstances beyond the control of the institution or the student.

Notice: In most cases, federal regulations require that refunds for students receiving financial aid must be refunded back to the financial aid program rather than the student. Dropping below full time for students on financial aid may invalidate eligibility for financial aid. Students may owe UNLV for financial aid refunds.

Delinquent Account:

A student or former student having a delinquent account receivable or an overdue student loan of any amount with any division of the Nevada System of Higher Education shall not be permitted to register, receive any type of transcript of records, grades, diploma or certificate or obtain services from any division. The university reserves the right to refer any delinquent account to a collection agency and/or report to a credit bureau. Legal proceedings may be initiated for any delinquent account. Students are responsible for any additional collection and legal costs.

All fees are due and payable by the last working day before instruction begins. The university reserves the right to financially withdraw any student who has not paid all fees, including any per-day late payment fees.

All fees assessed by the university are subject to change. Every effort is made to keep the fees as low as possible while rendering an appropriate level of services. UNLV and UNLV Singapore Limited reserves the right to change tuition and fees going forward, and class times, days, buildings, rooms and instructors at anytime if circumstances warrant such changes.

Business Operations:

You may make payment via internet banking (locally in Singapore known as GIRO), or in person with cash, a cashier’s check or money order at the Main Office. A SGD$50 service charge, in addition to any late fees that may accumulate as a result, will be assessed for any check returned unpaid by your bank for any reason, including stop payment. If you are paying for more than one student, please remit separate checks with each student's UNLV Student ID number on the back of each check.

Payments made via wire transfer must be made with the remitter bearing all bank charges and related fees. Wire Transfer Details:

Bank A/C Name: UNLV Singapore Limited
Account No: 147-002844-001
Bank Code: 7232
Branch Code: 147
Bank Address: HSBC Limited
21 Collyer Quay #08-01 HSBC Building
Singapore 049320
Swift code: HSBCSGSG

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