The UNLV Hospitality Internship Program is designed to provide UNLV students with an opportunity to relate current theory from the classroom to practical experience under the direction of professionals in extended work assignments. Students gain supervised practical experience in the field where they intend to pursue a career and to learn more about that field. Students receive academic credit and a grade based on the completion of the required hours, on-site internship performance, and assignments completed.

How do I Find an Internship?
UNLV Singapore will be assisting students with their placement. Students are required to list their choice of location of their internship site. We will contact the property and seek the internship opportunity. If none of the choices is successful, UNLV Singapore will assign students to a property that is available for internship participation.
Please note: There is no guarantee that students will get their preferred choice.

Information to Students

  1. Students must attend the UNLV Singapore Internship Placement Information Session. The UNLV Hospitality Internship Instructor will conduct the session to share information about the Internship Program and procedures.
  2. To satisfy degree requirements, each UNLV student must secure an internship from an organization in the hospitality industry which has been approved by UNLV Singapore.
  3. Each student is required to submit the HMD 450 form and a résumé to the UNLV Hospitality Internship Coordinator, and communicate with the UNLV Internship Coordinator as required.
  4. Each student is required to submit a copy of a signed hotel agreement letter to the UNLV Internship Coordinator.
  5. Students must sign the UNLV Student Internship Agreement & Liability Release Form before they start their internship and return the original copy to the UNLV Singapore Internship Coordinator.
  6. Interns must be willing to:
    • Engage in a variety of activities
    • Provide suggestions and ideas to improve department operations
    • Provide competent, cooperative and enthusiastic service to the departments assigned
    • Conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times
    • Always show up to work on-time, ready to do the assigned tasks as required
  7. Students must submit a report to the UNLV Hospitality Internship Instructor.

UNLV Singapore purchases insurance once the students confirm their internship.
The Personal Accident Insurance covers each student for accidental death, permanent disability and medical during his/her internship program.

Local Internship
The policy covers the insured person whilst on internship in Singapore

Overseas Internship
The policy covers the insured person whilst on internship in other countries except Singapore. Coverage commences once the Insured Person departs from Singapore airport and will cease upon his/her return to Singapore airport.

After completion of the Hospitality Internship period and submission of required reports, a grade (A to F) will be awarded through the joint efforts of the UNLV Hospitality Internship Coordinator and the hotel Internship Coordinator.

Important Notes

  • As a UNLV Hospitality Management Intern, students are representatives of UNLV. Students’ conduct and behavior should be professional at all times.
  • Interns are expected to respect the confidentiality of all information garnered as part of the UNLV Hospitality Management Internship Program.