Admissions - Non-Degree Seeking Students
(also referred to as a Special Student)


    All students at least 18 years of age or older and in good academic standing with UNLV are eligible to attend the university as a Non-Degree Seeking Students.

    This category applies to:

  • Students who have not yet met the university admission requirements or missed the application deadline, but still wish to enroll for classes and improve their academic record in order to be reconsidered for admission after denial of admission for insufficient academic credentials.
  • A person wishing to enroll in a course for personal or professional fulfillment.
  • Visiting students who want to enroll in UNLV courses and then transfer credits to their home institution. See also, Study Abroad
  • As a non-degree seeking student, you are not eligible for U.S. federal financial aid or state aid. A maximum of 24 undergraduate credits can be considered for transfer credit as an admitted student.

    When taking classes at UNLV as a non-degree seeking student you must comply with the university and college policies. You may consult the undergraduate catalog for details regarding the university policies.


  • The College of Hotel Administration reserves the right to limit the number of courses available to non-degree seeking students. Non-degree seeking students may obtain a one-time permission, from Student Advising, to enroll in a maximum of two upper division required classes, to allow them time to become official admitted to the College. Subsequent permission will not be granted.
  • Non-degree seeking students will not be given permission to enroll in Hotel College internship classes.

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