F1 Visa & Documents - Las Vegas Summer Session

Items due on 11th December

By December 11th, you need to submit the following two documents for your student visa:

* 1 high–quality color copy of your passport (the details page, the one with your photo)
(minimum validity till 16 January 2016)

* 1 copy of immunization proof, showing that you’ve had: 2 doses of the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine

There is no date of expiry for these vaccinations. You probably had one when you were a baby and one when you were in primary school. You need to both of these two separate doses. Check the pages stapled to your immunization booklet from primary school to see proof.

1 Tetanus diphtheria (immunization must have occurred within the past 10 years)

If your vaccination is from before 1 June 2005 then you need a new one. This vaccination MUST be the tetanus-diphtheria combination, as it is required by Nevada law. If you have tetanus alone, it is not acceptable, it must be the combo. If you received this vaccination in National Service, your proof of immunization must show proof of both vaccinations or the combo vaccination.

1 Meningitis vaccine (you need this if you will be younger than age 24 on 1 June 2015)

What does the immunization proof look like?

Please make a photocopy of your immunization record, showing that you’ve received these shots. If you are a Singapore citizen, you probably have a health booklet from when you were a child that contains your immunization record. Make a photocopy of the page or pages that contain the required shots. If you have any questions about immunizations, please email us at summersession@unlv.edu.sg.

Your booklet or record probably looks something like this:

Health Booklet:

Click to enlarge

Vaccination Record

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For more information, check the Visa Documents section of our FAQs.

Applying for your F-1

Complete all of the following 7 steps at least 3 days before your interview

Find your interview dates here and check your e-mail for the dates that you have been assigned to:

Monday 7 April, 2:00pm
Tuesday 8 April, 2:00pm
Tuesday 15 April, 2:00pm
Monday 21 April, 2:00pm
Tuesday 29 April, 2:00pm

Instructions on how to make your visa interview appointment, please follow along with the slides here.

Step 1: Pay Your Visa Application Fee (MRV Fee)

Print one copy of the U.S. visa application deposit slip. Bring this deposit slip with you to any Standard Chartered bank branch. At the bank, pay your MRV Fee in cash ($160 USD, paid in Singapore dollars, approximately $208 SGD).

Keep the receipt you receive from this payment. Bring it to your interview.

Step 2: Collect Your Documents at our Main & Reception Offices

When you receive an email stating that your documents are ready, come to the front office to collect your I-20, transcript, and bank letter. Keep these in a safe place. You will need them for your application and interview.

Step 3: Complete Your Visa Application Form (DS-160)

Complete your Non-Immigrant Visa Application (DS-160) form online.You will need information from your I-20 to complete this form. Your SEVIS ID number is on the top right corner of the I-20 form, beginning with the letter ’N.’ The address of the main campus is also printed on the I-20.

After you complete the form, you'll finish on a page with a barcode. Print this page. Keep it. Bring it to your interview.

Step 4: Pay Your SEVIS Fee

Complete the I-901 form and pay your I-901 SEVIS fee online. Choose I-20 to start. The fee is $200 USD, paid by credit/debit card. Your SEVIS ID is on your I-20, as is the school code: see the bottom of box (2.) on the first page.

Print the payment confirmation page/receipt at the end. Bring it to your interview.

Step 5: Create an Account and Schedule Your Visa Interview

Create an account to schedule your interview. You will need info from Steps 1-4 to schedule the appointment. Print your appointment confirmation page. Bring it to the interview.

To begin, click "Create Account" on the lower right hand side under "Apply for a U.S. Visa."

Please note:
1) You MUST enter UNLV Singapore's office address as the visa pick up point.
2) Schedule your appointment ONLY for your assigned date and time.

Step 6: Take U.S.-Approved Passport Size Photos

Follow the instructions carefully to make sure your passport photos meet U.S. visa requirements.

For accurate photos, have your photo taken at one of these approved photo studios.

Bring the passport photos to your interview.

Step 7: Attend Your Visa Interview

Arrive at the U.S. Embassy at least 15 minutes before your scheduled interview time.

Make sure you have all these items with you:

1. I-20
2. Interview appointment confirmation page
3. MRV Fee Receipt
4. DS-160 Confirmation Page
5. I-901 SEVIS Fee Receipt/Confirmation page
6. Valid passport
7. Passport photos
8. Transcript
9. Bank letter

F1 Visa and Documents

Visa Documents #2

Between February 10-12 (you can hand in earlier, of course), you need to submit the following documents for your student visa to the Main and Reception Office:

  • Completed International Student Application Form
  • Completed and signed Confidential Financial Certification Form
  • Official valid bank letter proving the minimum required bank account balance. This letter must state that your bank account (or the bank account of your guarantor, such as a parent, relative, or friend) has a minimum balance equivalent to USD$1,530. This would be a bank account under the name of parent, other relative, friend, sister/brother, etc.
    Whichever type of account you choose to use, you must turn in one authorized letter written on the bank's letterhead, containing the bank's official stamp.

    Follow the template here if you are using your own personal bank account: Self-Sponsored Bank Letter

    Follow this template if you are using a guarantor's bank account parent, relative, friend, sibling, etc. : Guarantor Bank Letter

    Note: This amount is set by the main campus. It is their estimated cost of living for 5 weeks in Las Vegas. The amount cannot be changed and you must prove to have at least this amount in your account in order for your I-20 form to be generated and your F-1 visa processing to begin.

  • Completed and signed Health Insurance Waiver Form

  • If you have any questions about the above required documents, please stop by to see us in the office or email us at summersession@unlv.edu.sg.

    For more information, check the Visa Documents section of our FAQs.

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