Travel Information - Las Vegas Summer Session

Summer Session Travel

You can select and book your own flight.

There are some things to keep in mind:

Flight Choice

Your flight from Singapore to Las Vegas must arrive in Las Vegas on Saturday 6 June, Las Vegas time.

    1. You must check in to the dormitories between 9AM–6PM on 7 June, Las Vegas time.
    2. If you arrive after the timeframe (due to weather, flight cancellation, or airline problems only), you need to find your own accommodation for the night and check in on Sunday 7 June.
    3. Sunday 7 June is not an official check in day and is only reserved for extenuating airline or weather-caused circumstances and delays.
    4. You must be back in Singapore in time to attend class on Monday morning on 13 July, Singapore time.
    5. Make sure to review the student code of conduct and your class syllabi to understand the class attendance policies.

Group Fare

If you are still interested in a preferential group airfare, please email us at and we will try to work with you and your group of friends/classmates to accommodate you.


Ensure that your full name as it appears in your valid passport is IDENTICAL to your full name as it appears on your air ticket.

You need to select your flight, book your ticket, and submit to us your confirmed itinerary by 11 December.

We can help you! If you would like us to review your planned itinerary before you purchase your ticket to make sure it is acceptable, please email us or visit us in the office.

Travel Insurance

Select and purchase a travel insurance policy of your choice that protects your chosen air ticket and includes the full amount of time you plan to be in the U.S.

You need to submit proof of purchase of travel insurance by 11 December.


Since you won’t be traveling with the group, ensure that you are traveling with all the required visa documents to enter AND leave the U.S.

Note: We will still be doing the visa processing for you, but you’ll be the one handling the actual immigration yourself since you will be traveling individually and not as a group.


You’ll provide your own transportation between your home in Singapore and the airport, as well as the airport in Las Vegas and the dormitories.

Dormitory Check-In

Check in will be on Saturday 6 June only, from 9am-6pm.

This is your only check in day and timeframe.

Remember, if you arrive after the timeframe, you need to find your own accommodation for the night and check in on Sunday 7 June. Sunday, 7 June is not an official check in day and is reserved only for those who have unexpected interruptions to their itineraries, by weather, airline, or severe illness.

Dormitory Check-out

Check out will be on Thursday 9 July only, from 9am-6pm.

This is your only check out day and timeframe.

After 9 July, you may remain in the U.S., but you are required to check out of the dorms. Remember not to delay your return to Singapore too long, as you need to be present in class on 13 July.

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